Set in Mayi Community,Funiu Town, about 5.8 km away from downtown Meishan, Mayi Mountain Scenic Area is constructed in accordance with the national standards for AAA tourist attractions and is designed to be centered aroutnd Mayi Temple, with its influence covering an area of about 265 mu. Mayi Mountain resembles a frog, hence its name Mayi (in which "Ma"refers to the frog in Chinese). It is one of the foour famous Taoist mountains situated in Shu in the Tang Dynasty. The Scenic Area enjoysmany historic sites, including the Chongtong Temple and the refreshing and palatable Old Man Spring that is one thousand years old. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has held great appeal for Meishan, with many men of letters in history attracted by its beautiful woods and forests,clear waters, and ubiquitous pavilions featuring quietness and elegance. Those men of literatureand writing, including Su Shi, Su Zhe and Lu You in the Song Dynasty and Li Menglian, Zuo Renlan, Mao Long'en, Liu Tingzhi, etc. in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, all wrote poems orinscriptions drawing their inspiration from the Scenic Area.